Outdoor Party Safety

Outdoor Party Safety

With warm weather and long summer nights, you may want to crack open some cold beverages and invite some friends over for a barbeque.  Before you stir up the sangria, take a minute to remember these outdoor party safety tips:

  • Limit Hazards
    • Check for uneven walkways or tripping hazards throughout your party area.
    • Keep the area well lit so everyone knows where they are walking once it gets dark.
    • If you have a pool, check out our Swimming Pool Safety Tips blog for pool safety info!
  • Limit Alcohol
    • Having a few drinks at a party is fine as long as everyone drinks responsibly.
    • Remember, you can be held liable if something were to go wrong with a guest due to drinking at your home.
    • Always have nonalcoholic choices for guests.
    • If you see a guest who has had too much, make sure they have a safe ride home or offer them a place to stay at your house.
  • Practice Food Safety
    • Always keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. Otherwise, they may go bad quickly. Bacteria spread quite easily on foods that are not kept at the right temperatures.
      • Keep meats refrigerated until you plan on grilling.
      • Do not leave salads or condiments in the hot sun. Instead, keep them indoors and put them back in the fridge within an hour.
    • Practice Grilling Safety (Check out our Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips blog for more info!)
  • Sun Protection
    • Even if the sky is a bit cloudy, guests can easily become sunburned.
    • Offer sunscreen and plenty of shady areas to escape the sun’s hot rays.
  • Practice Fire Safety
    • Fire pits are a lot of fun as long as everyone respects a safe distance and allows one person to be in control of the fire.
    • Do not allow children near the fire without adult supervision.
    • If you’re using fireworks, check out our At-Home Fireworks Displays Safety blog for more info!


Enjoy your summer parties!

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