Play with Your Cat and Dog Safely in Summer Weather!

Play with Your Cat and Dog Safely in Summer Weather!

It doesn’t take much to keep your pet happy. Spending quality time with them outside is a great way to bond, get some exercise, and enjoy the summer weather. However, just like in humans, animals should be careful in the heat. Therefore, you should learn what it takes to keep your beloved friend safe this summer.

You worry about the precautions your children are taking in the sun, so why not do the same for your pet? Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your dog or cat enjoys the weather fully without any accidents or injuries:

If your dog enjoys swimming, make sure they do not drink the pool water, for it is far from nourishing. It contains chlorine and other chemicals that could cause illness.

  • Don’t expose your pet to high temperatures for long periods of time. This could present danger to their nerves, heart, liver, brain, and more.
  • Never leave your dog or cat in the car alone. 80 degree weather can shoot up to 100 degrees in a vehicle. Let your pet out and walk around in the shade.
  • If you exercise with your pet, make sure you don’t overwork them to the point of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
  • Heartworms, ticks, and fleas are more of a problem in warmer months, so contact your veterinarian about products that will keep your pet healthy.
  • If bad weather comes along, don’t leave your pet behind outside or inside. Make sure they are safe just like the rest of your family.

At SAVA Insurance Group, we hope these tips help your pets enjoy all the excitement summer brings. If you are concerned about how safe your home is, you should inspect the hazardous areas. In addition, in order to prevent accidents on your property, you can have home insurance for protection. This policy can be tailored to meet your needs. Let our professionals guide you through the process of designing a unique coverage package today.

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