Post-Summer Road Trends to Keep in Mind

Post-Summer Road Trends to Keep in Mind

Many transitions out of the summer can be breathtaking: the more comfortable temperatures, the vibrant colors, and the recommencement of some of our favorite sports.

What is not as fun is the change in traffic patterns. Here are post-summer road trends to keep in mind:

Traffic Congestion

The end of summer not only marks the end of many people’s vacation period, but also marks the return of the school year. Not only are there more cars on the road, but people with children are forced to leave at similar times after they take their kids to school. The rule of thumb is that your commute increases by 50 percent over what it was during the summer. Take into account that time to ensure you are not late for work.

Increased Accidents

The steady increase in road accidents does peak in the summer months, but the plateau extends into the beginning of September, according to road safety statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That can be attributed to the added congestion, for there are more cars on the road at the same time to manufacture collisions. Always be careful when you are on the road, but also keep in mind the added commute time as a road accident plugs the flow of traffic.

Concluding Construction

Many highway construction projects are done in the warm months of the summer, the best working conditions to fix and repave roads. Even though many projects are done efficiently, it is only natural that some do not finish by the time the summer months end. That means all those headaches with closed lanes, detours, and rough roads turn into migraines with the extra traffic.

More Unpredictable Weather

The climate in New England always has unpredictable weather, but as the temperature drops, the varying weather patterns climb. Northeasterners should never rule out heavy rain, snow or hail. Inclement weather is tough to drive through, and even if you are skilled, others are not.

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