How to Prevent a Data Breach for your Business

How to Prevent a Data Breach for your Business

Electronics and the internet gave birth to the modern information age. Paperless communication and facilitated file sharing are just some of the many advantages we now take for granted.

However, needs for others to seek, steal, and destroy valuable business data coincides with the growth of digi-verse. An internet criminal can compromise and/or leak all of your business data you try to preserve digitally. Is your business safe from an internet security breach?

Here is how you can prevent business data compromise and data leaks:

  1. Keep track of who has access to your server – in this day in age, some servers have the ability to track how many computers have access to it electronically, but it is not a bad idea to keep track yourself the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper. Whenever you grant someone access to your server, whether an employee, a client, or a business inspector, write it down so you know who you have personally granted access to your server.
  2. Encrypt your passwords – do not use common phrases, names, or recognizable number combinations. Unsecure passwords are a common way for internet criminals to breach your internet security and server and have access to all of your critical documents. Use a collection of words and symbols across your keyboard that you can remember easily but remain obscure in the eyes of a digital hacker.
  3. Update your firewall protection at least once a year – the best way to win the race for your digital information is to stay ahead. Even with firewall technology that has been out for a matter of months, hackers eventually find a way around it. Digital security is a top priority for many of the major technology companies, so they are constantly pushing products to make information in digital space more secure. Utilize their resources to ensure that your information stays safe.

Follow these tips to help guarantee the digital safety of your business, your employees, and yourself. For more information on business insurance options with Sava Insurance, be sure to call us at 860-437-7282 to get a free quote today!

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