Prevent Winter Liability Claims at Home

Prevent Winter Liability Claims at Home

Winter weather is upon us which means now is the time to start preparing our homes for wet, icy conditions.  Not only do you want to keep your family safe from slip, trip, and fall injuries.  You will want to be as vigilant as you can at preventing injuries to others who may not live at your home.  Unfortunately, you will be held liable for accidents, property damage, and injury to third parties if the accident occurs on your property.  Here are some safety tips to help make your home a bit safer this winter.

  • Keep walkways as clear as you possibly can.  Remove snow and ice quickly so that it does not get trampled by too many feet.  Once it is trampled, it will easily become slippery.
  • Add some sort of traction to slippery areas.  Salt is great to melt ice, but it can also do damage to surrounding plant life and may not be great for pets or wildlife either.  Sand or kitty litter can add some grit to otherwise impassable areas.
  • Check downspouts to see that they are flowing away from walkways and driveways.
  • Clean gutters to make sure snow and ice can properly drain off the roof.  Otherwise, you may end up with dangerous icicles that can damage the roof or worse.  They could fall and injure someone quite easily.
  • Keep all areas well lit at all times so that black ice can be more visible.  It may be hard to spot, but with lights on there is a better chance of reflection.
  • Inside, Make sure floors are kept dry.  Have a receptacle near each door for wet boots or shoes.  Keep a dry mop or a roll of towels handy to clean up wet spots to prevent slipping.

Check your homeowner’s policy to see what type of liability coverage you have for slips, trips, and falls this winter.


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