Preventing Slip & Falls at Your Business

Preventing Slip & Falls at Your Business

If you make safety the top priority, you can prevent slip and fall incidents!


  1. Choose slip-resistant flooring
  2. Use slip-resistant treatments on existing floors.
  3. Clean your floors promptly & properly every time.
  4. Remove obstacles from your walkways.
  5. Designate walking aisles.
  6. Utilize floor mats at every entrance.
  7. Keep outdoor walkways clear of ice & snow.
  8. Provide designated walkways to reduce trip and slip hazards.
  9. Always warn employees & customers of potentially slippery areas.
  10. Make sure that there is adequate lighting to see by.
  11. Address issues of leaks immediately, and maintain your roof.

Your Employees

  1. Especially in manufacturing businesses, restaurants, and other similarly hazardous industries, insist on your employees wearing comfortable, slip-resistant shoes.
  2. Provide safety training for your employees.
  3. Encourage good habits for tidying and being responsive among your employees.

Prove Safety Matters…

Let your employees and customers know that their safety is a top priority for you. Make it clear to them that their safety is your #1 goal and they will be more likely to take it seriously too!

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