Protect Your Boat: 7 Storm Preparation Steps

Protect Your Boat: 7 Storm Preparation Steps

Whether you have just purchased your first boat or you are an experienced watercraft owner, it’s crucial to understand how you can best protect your boat during severe weather, such as a hurricane or other storm this summer. In order to help you protect your boat, we’ve put together these 7 storm preparation steps for you to follow! Remember; call your Sava Insurance agent today to learn more about your boat insurance options.

  1. As a storm approaches, consider moving your boat out of the water. Depending on a variety of factors, it may make sense for you to move your boat inland. Take the forecasted strength of the storm into consideration, as well as the size of your boat and your location options. If possible, move your vessel inland during major storms in order to avoid damage!
  2. If you are keeping your boat in the water, move your boat into a mooring field if possible. This can help prevent damage from docks, other boats, and debris.
  3. Double all of your lines and make sure they are secured to the sturdiest pilings. To account for rising tides or storm surges, use longer dock lines.
  4. Reduce damage caused by chafing by adding chafe guards on some of your lines, as well as fenders on the boat.
  5. Remove all personal items from the boat deck.
  6. For items that cannot be removed from boat deck, tether them down so they are secure and will not move. Make sure the weight on the boat is distributed as evenly as possible.
  7. Seal all openings on your boat such as exhaust holes, sea cocks, etc.

Remember to always leave the boat during a storm! Keep yourself safe, dock your boat, and seek shelter if you are on the water when a major storm is in the area. Following these storm preparation steps can help you minimize the amount of damage to your vessel this hurricane and storm season!

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