Protect Business Liability: What is EPLI?

Protect Business Liability: What is EPLI?

An important part of how business insurance packages are constructed is the liability coverage that can support companies in lawsuit fees. One of the pillars of business liability insurance is EPLI, or employment practices liability insurance.

How can EPLI help your business? Here is a crash course from Sava Insurance on the definition of EPLI and what functions this particular liability coverage has.

What is EPLI?

Employment practices liability insurance is a type of employers insurance that covers wrongful acts in the employment process. Insurers write EPLI policies on a claims-made basis.

What is EPLI used for?

EPL consists of 11 discrimination types when it comes to employment practices. This ranges from age and disability to religion and sex. It draws from United States laws such as the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The most common claims covered under EPLI are discrimination, employee termination, harassment, or retaliation. Coverage can also extend to employee-related defamation, deprivation of a career opportunity, failure to promote, invasion of privacy, and negligence in evaluation. The liability that is protected depends on the coverage that a business subscribes to.

Who does EPLI cover?

This liability insurance is not limited to just directors and officers. It can cover anybody in a management position all the way down to the employees themselves.

How does one get EPLI coverage?

EPLI is a standard in business insurance. Insurers often group with directors and officers coverage and errors and omissions coverage considering the liability coverage is in the same genre. It is one of the many liability coverages that Sava Insurance offers as part of its business liability packages.our business package, contact one of our knowledgeable agents, or call 860-437-7282 today!

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