Quick Flood Preparation Tips

Quick Flood Preparation Tips

About 41 million Americans live in flood zones – but only about 2 percent of Americans have flood insurance. More so, many more Americans are at risk of flooding regardless of whether or not they live in flood zones. Keep in mind, flooding can occur as a result of rising water from heavy rains, plumbing system failure, groundwater seepage, and other flooding risks regardless of how close you live to a coastline! Whether the coverage is for your personal home or your business, it is important to have this protection.

The following are helpful flood preparation tips to encourage you to add this necessary coverage:

  • Review your current homeowners and/or business insurance policy and become familiar with what is and is not covered. Remember – damage due to flooding is typically not included in your policy.
  • Call your SAVA Insurance agent to purchase flood insurance for your home and business – and its contents.
  • Make a flood plan and establish evacuation routes with your family. Ask someone out of state to be a “family contact” in case you get separated from loved ones.
  • Before a flood or natural disaster occurs, get ahead of the game by itemizing and taking pictures of your possessions.
  • To avoid water damage during a flood, keep valuable items and family heirlooms on the upper floors – or on high shelves in your closets – of your home or business.
  • For more information about how to prepare for a flood, visit http://www.floodsmart.gov/floodsmart/

Given its critical nature, remember that it is important to ask for this coverage in both personal property coverage and your business coverage. Additionally, it takes 30 days for coverage from a new flood policy to kick in, so the sooner you can add a flood policy, the better!

Call 860-437-7282 to discuss your current coverages and how we can fully protect you from potential flood damages!
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