How to Remove Mold in your Home

How to Remove Mold in your Home

No matter who comes and goes in your house, you will never be alone.

Mold is a problem in houses young and old, which inevitable moisture inside your walls cause. Mold can make being in your house insufferable, causing eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, skin irritation, or wheezing.

Keeping your house dry with dehumidifiers is how to prevent mold in your house, but once it is there, you have to get rid of it. As part of mold awareness month, Sava Insurance has great tips on how to remove mold in your home.

    1. Find and fix the water source: Since mold is a result of moisture, often times a pipe leak or certain outdoor drainage is the main source of mold. Do a quality inspection of your pipes in your walls and drain pipes in order to stop the supply where mold can thrive.
    2. Use detergent to clean mold off of hard surfaces: the hard surfaces in your house will not be compromised from mold, so you can use detergent to clean those surfaces by hand. Be sure to also remove excess moisture once the surface is clean.
    3. Remove soft and spongy surface: Once mold gets into ceiling tiles, insulation, or wainscoting, the surface cannot be salvaged. You will have to through those surfaces out in order to remove the mold from the environment.
    4. Call a mold specialist: Even if you feel like you cleaned every inch of your home, mold is something that is hard to see with the naked eye. Be sure to bring in a mold specialist into your home to make sure that your home is mold-proof.

Whenever you are dealing with mold, be sure that your mouth, hands, and other possibly exposed skin are safely covered. Mold removal can be nasty to deal with, so protect yourself from excess exposure.

These steps on how to remove mold will help remove some uninvited inhabitants in your home, making it one of the best places to breathe.

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