Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Tree lined street in the fall with a deer looking at a deer crossing sign

Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Ah, fall… The season invites so many wonderful changes: the air gets crisper, the leaves change color, you trade in your sundress for your favorite sweater… Maybe you’ll even go pumpkin picking in one of CT’s many pumpkin patches!

It’s an exciting time! But some changes aren’t so exciting. Fall also brings many hazards to the road that you should always keep an eye out for. With unpredictable weather and earlier sunsets, it’s important to maintain caution while driving.

Read below for 7 safe driving tips to ensure your autumn drives go as smoothly as possible!


  1. You’re in the Zone… A School Zone

Remember to slow down! Fall is back-to-school season, which means more buses, pedestrians, and new drivers on the road. Be aware of school zones and the posted speed limits surrounding them.


  1. Headlights On!

In the fall, days become shorter, and nights become longer, which means more time spent driving in the dark. Proceed with caution and use high beams when necessary.


  1. Watch for Wet Leaves!

Wet leaves can create a dangerous slip hazard. Avoid patches of wet leaves and maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you.


  1. Oh Deer! Keep an Eye Out for Wildlife

Did you know? You’re 3.5x more likely to hit a deer in November due to mating season. Keep an eye out for wildlife on the road, especially at night, and maintain a safe speed.


  1. Slow Down When It’s Slick

With the wetter weather come slip hazards. Decrease speed on wet roads. Keep an eye on the weather for flood warnings and other weather alerts.


  1. Fog is No Fun

Chilly fall mornings bring fog, which can drastically reduce visibility. Use your fog lights (if available) and proceed with caution.


  1. Don’t Get Lost in the Frost

As temperatures drop, the threat of frost ensues. Drive slowly any time you suspect there may be ice on the roads, especially on bridges and overpasses.


Remember to always keep an eye on the weather, so you know what conditions to expect for your commute. A lot of fall hazards are weather-related—so the weatherman will be your best friend this season!

When in doubt, always exercise caution; decrease your speed and keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you.

With these driving tips, you’ll always have a safe trip. Contact SAVA today to learn more about more ways we can help protect you and your car with our auto policies.

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