SAVA Celebrates Our Veterans

SAVA Celebrates Our Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day everyone. At Sava, we celebrate our veterans every day, and we’re glad to live in an area that is home to so many brave veterans and active military.

Some of our own employees are lucky enough to have veterans as parents and spouses, and they wanted to share their loved one’s story with all of you!

Chris’ Father & Husband

Christine (Chris) Spivey’s father was a Sargent in the Air Force, and he was stationed in England.
Chris’ husband, Joe, was in the USMC and served our country during Desert Storm.

Taylor’s Mother

Taylor Chaffee’s mother, Michelle, enlisted in the US Army at 36 years old and was one of the last in her age group to enlist before they lowered the age of enlistment to 35. She was a Military Police officer and was stationed in Fort Drum, NY and was also deployed to Afghanistan. She was injured during her service and had two surgeries as a result of her injuries. She medically retired in March 2016 and is now living outside of Dallas, TX where she attends The University of Texas, working on a dual Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Social Work.

Julia’s Grandfathers

Julia Rathbun’s maternal grandfather, Charles Richardson, served in World War II as a radioman in the U.S. Army. The above picture was taken of him near the end of the Second World War while he was in Iwo Jima.
Julia Rathbun’s paternal grandfather, John, served in the army during the Korean War. The above picture was taken of him shortly after returning home from the war.
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