SAVA Storm Team Hurricane Advice

SAVA Storm Team Hurricane Advice

Hurricane season is upon us! One of the most dramatic, damaging, and potentially deadly events is a hurricane. During a hurricane, your home may be damaged or destroyed by many different
storm hazards.

  • Debris can break windows and doors, allowing high winds and rain inside the home.
  • Large storms can cause tremendous devastation as trees and power lines topple.
  • Destructive tornadoes also can be present, and damages from high winds can extend hundreds of miles inland under certain conditions.
  • Coastal storm surges can flood basements and lower levels of your home, threatening life in many circumstances.

Your home is a valuable asset. The costs associated with the property damage from hurricanes and the disruption to your life in the aftermath can be significant.

Preparation For You and Your Family

Everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected. The more prepared you are for you and your family the less in shock you will be when a disaster strikes. Follow these tips:

  1. Meet with your family to create an emergency plan.
  2. Post emergency numbers by the telephone, and save important contact information to your smart phone.
  3. Know how and when to turn off water, gas, and electricity.
  4. Pick two places to meet: a spot outside your home and a place away from your neighborhood incase you can’t return home.
  5. Choose an out of state friend as your family’s point of contact for everyone to call if the family gets separated.
  6. Discuss what you would do and where you would do in the case of an evacuation.
  7. Keep an electronic record of important contacts and insurance policy information

What to Put in and Emergency Kit

  1. Battery-powered radio
  2. Flashlights
  3. Extra batteries
  4. Cell phone and chargers
  5. First-aid kit
  6. Basic and necessary toiletries
  7. Copies of important papers such as your insurance policies
  8. Cash

Homeowner Precautions

  • Move outdoor deck, pool, and patio furniture inside.
  • Keep downspouts and water drains clear so water may properly flow.
  • Trim any dead of weak branches from trees.
  • Fully charge portable devices like cellphones
  • Have your emergency supply kit nearby and easily accessible
  • Fill your car’s gas tank.
  • Stock non-perishable food and fill containers with drinking water.

Reporting a Loss to SAVA Insurance Group

Be assured that SAVA is here to assist you, should you experience a loss. Below is information to help you through this process:

  • Protect yourself and others. If your property has sustained structural damage or if you are uncertain about its safety, contact local officials before entering your property.
  • Never touch electrical components white standing in water. if your safety appears at risk, leave the premises immediately.
  • Make necessary emergency repairs to avoid additional damage and take pictures of damage, if possible and accessible.
  • Preserve damages property for inspection by our adjuster.
  • Keep a detailed list of all costs that you are looking for temporary repairs, lodging, meals, etc. These items may be covered if the loss id covered under the policy.

SAVA Insurance is here to assist you with all your hurricane damages so you don’t have to worry!

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