Some Homeowners Policy Exclusions

Some Homeowners Policy Exclusions

Your homeowners insurance policy covers a wide range of damage that could happen when you least expect it.  However, finding out that your policy does not cover a certain type of damage after that damage has occurred can be a devastating blow to your finances.  Review your policy to see what type of exclusions apply before you find the need to file a claim.  Here are some of the most common homeowners policy exclusions:

  • Mold Damage –

Because mold is not something that suddenly happens rather it grows over time, insurance carriers expect homeowners to take preventative measures to prevent it from causing structural damage or health issues.

  • Floods, Earthquakes, Landslides –

Some mortgage carriers may require you to carry additional insurance for these types of perils depending on where your home resides.

  • Some Dog Breeds –

For insurance purposes, some dog breeds are considered riskier than others.  If you own a dog, check with your carrier to see if your insurance could be affected.  Your policy may exclude certain dog breeds:

      1. Pit bulls
      2. Staffordshire Terriers
      3. Doberman Pinschers
      4. Rottweilers
      5. Chows
      6. Akitas
      7. Presa Canarios
      8. Wolf-hybrids
  • Power Outages –

The outage itself may not be the biggest problem.  When power is restored, the sudden surge of electricity can cause damage to electronic devices.  Your insurance carrier expects you to unplug and turn off electronic devices during a power outage to prevent such claims.

  • Luxury Items –

Some items require additional insurance for full coverage.  Your homeowner’s policy only allows up to a certain limit for household items.  You can purchase a rider for your valuable items such as jewelry, antiques, and collectibles.

Not all homeowners insurance policies are the same.  Review yours to see what type of exclusions apply and call us if you would like to make any changes to your current policy.


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