Space Heater Safety Guide

Space Heater Safety Guide

From one to the next, space heaters can differ greatly, and you should always follow the instructions set forth by the manufacturer for their usage. However, as the red line in our thermometers drops, we should all be aware of these basic safety rules for space heaters.

Read the Safety Instructions

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels carefully. They know the product better than anyone and can offer you the best safety advice. Always follow their instructions.

Check for Safety Certifications

Before use, check for a safety logo that indicates your heater has been certified safe to use. Look for UL rated heaters.


Check the plug and the cords for damage, discoloration, and fraying. If you see any signs of damage, do not use the heater.

Plug space heaters directly into outlets. Ensure that your outlet has sufficient power, and never plug into a power strip. Many fires are started when space heaters are plugged into power strips!

When you plug it in, make sure that the plug is a snug fit that won’t come loose.

Check & Install Your Smoke Detectors

Check your detectors, replace the batteries, and ensure that you have them on every floor and outside every sleeping area.

Find a Suitable Location

Place your space heater at least 3 feet away from any combustible (including furniture, window treatments, bedding, clothing, rugs, and other combustible items in your home.)

Always place in a stable location to reduce the chance that it can fall over.

Never place a space heater near water or plumbing.

Never place on furniture or carpet.

Never let children or pets play near a space heater.

Turn off & Unplug

When you go to sleep, leave the room or cannot keep an eye on your heater, turn it off and unplug it. Never leave a space heater that’s not being used or monitored plugged into an electricity source.

If you follow the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions and use these best practices, you can vastly reduce the likelihood of an accident related to space heater usage.

Stay safe & stay warm!

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