Spring Sports and Your Kids

Spring Sports and Your Kids

Now that we are starting to see a daily increase in temperatures, you may also start to see an increase in sports team paperwork coming home in your kids’ book bags. Now is the time for spring sports to start up. If your kids are interested in participating in sports this spring, remember to teach them that safety should be their top priority when playing any sport. Here are some things to relay on to your kids:

  • Always follow the rules of the game. The rules are not only there to keep the game fun, but to keep everyone safe at the same time.
  • Wear the proper equipment. Soccer players wear shin guards because they get kicked in the shins regularly. Football players wear helmets because they get hit in the head.  It’s as simple as that. Wear the right gear to protect your body!
  • Stay hydrated.  If you’re thirsty, you may be already on the path to dehydration. Drink regularly even if you don’t feel like it to keep your hydration level up. If you start feeling woozy or dizzy, tell your coach, sit out, and get yourself some water.
  • Show good sportsmanship. Being a good sport means playing within the rules and not flagrantly fouling anyone or causing problems on the field.
  • If you are injured, tell the coach. Sure, you want to keep playing when you have a small injury. But remember that those injuries can become worse if you keep going. It might be better to sit out a few minutes to have your injury evaluated instead of risking a worse injury by playing on.
  • Be serious about head injuries. Unfortunately, concussions can cause more than just temporary injuries. Follow the proper concussion safety protocol so that you are not re-injured later.

Have a great safe time in sports this spring!

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