St. Patrick’s Day: Drinking, Driving Violations, and Your Insurance

St. Patrick’s Day: Drinking, Driving Violations, and Your Insurance

What once began as a day for Irish-Americans to celebrate their Irish heritage, has become a day for all Americans to binge drink. The crazy partying associated with this day comes with some consequences, the main one being more intoxicated drivers on the roads. Every year checkpoints are set up by law enforcement to try and catch people who are driving under the influence, ultimately endangering their own lives and the lives of many others.

For those who may face DUI convictions this weekend due to the hype of the holiday, drunk driving can be a huge financial burden. In addition to a hefty fine, potential jail time and loss of income, those convicted of DUI face other costs such as lawyer’s fees and alcohol education courses. DUI convictions also come along with a recurring financial penalty…increased auto insurance premiums! According to Property & Casualty 360, “On average, drivers face an increase of $857.53 a year for car insurance after a DUI conviction, and the premium increases can last for years.”

The bottom line about St. Patty’s Day (and the drinking that comes along with it) is before the party, plan your journey home! Thinking you are fine to drive is usually never the case so plan to have a designated driver or use public transportation if the area you live in provides it. Have fun, but be safe!

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