STOP. In The Name of Love

STOP. In The Name of Love

Most of us live hectic lives. In addition to our work life we are surrounded by constant media messages, billboard ads, carpooling our kids to sports activities and family and social obligations.  We are so busy that we no longer have the time to pick up the phone and call our friends. Texting has taken over the way we communicate and interact with everyone.

We have become accustomed to “snippets” of information in little bubbles.  Who doesn’t have a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest App on their phones?  We are on one of those apps while standing in line at the grocery store, eating, lounging at home or snapping a selfie with friends.  You could say, that we are all a little obsessed with our phones.


It’s no wonder why we are ALL so distracted. Here’s the scary part, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), for every two seconds that a driver’s eyes stray away from the road, he/she is twice as likely to have an accident. So what could cause more distraction than staring at a tiny screen while trying to type a message with your thumb? Most experts say NOTHING!


Would you think it was okay for a doctor to be texting, or emailing or carrying on an unrelated phone conversation while performing an operation? I know, sounds silly, but a driver and a doctor both have the safety of others in their hands.  Your SAVA Protection Team wants to protect your and other people’s well-being while driving. So, put down your phone to keep both you and them safe on the roadways.

We promise the earth will not crumble if you wait until you are safe before responding to that last text- but you might! DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE– you are important to us!


Stay Safe while driving. We love our clients and want you all stay well so we can keep

Providing you and your family with the protection and safety you deserve.

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