Storing Holiday Decor

Storing Holiday Decor

There is always that one house in the neighborhood that has its holiday lights up well into March. This will not be your house this year! Read on for more information on how you can keep your decor safe and organized for next year!

#1 Find the Ideal Storage Area

Before you start packing things up, make sure you have a storage area set aside for your holiday decorations so that they’re safe all year and easy to find when you’re ready to get them out next year. Ideally, this is a dry area, easily accessible, and with enough space to store your items safely. If you’re going to use a basement, garage, or outdoor shed, consider shelving your items off of the floor to avoid any unexpected water damage. If you’re storing them in your attic or on a high shelf, avoid overfilling the boxes and making them too heavy to take down or put back up.

#2 Find Your Storage Containers

You don’t have to order the most complicated storage containers to keep your items safe all year. We suggest the tried and true large, waterproof bins that are strong enough to protect your items and easy enough to store out of sight. Make sure that you organize the items inside by size and weight to avoid crushing anything, and remember to not overpack these boxes so they’re light enough to carry.

#3 Carefully Organize Your Lights

Your lights can be the biggest hassle of all when taking down the holiday decorations, and it seems like no matter what you do the year before, when you go to take them out again they’re just a tangled mess. We’ve had success in recent years by taking them down one strand at a time and wrapping them in a V-shape around clothes hangers. The clothes hangers help to keep the lights tied up to one thing rather than each other, and when you unroll the hangers the lights come off pretty easily next year!

#4 Storing Large Decorations and Fake Trees

If you can, save the boxes that your large decorations come in to put them away later. The boxes are made to fit these items, and it makes it easy to identify what’s what next year. If you can’t we suggest large clear bins. These are weather-safe, and let you see what’s inside. You can also store your items in their boxes inside the bin for added protection all year long. When it comes to fake trees, you might want to consider purchasing a tree storage bag. These bags make it easier to store your tree, carry it in and out of storage, and some actually allow you to place your tree in fully-assembled for the next year.

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