Summertime Liabilities

Summertime Liabilities

This summer more than ever, folks are staying closer to home. Theme parks and beach vacations are being replaced with water sprinklers in the backyard, and road trips and plane rides have been replaced with a trip around the yard in the ride-on-mower! All jokes aside, we’re all finding new ways to fall in love with our own backyard. Many of us have started up a garden, are taking more dips in the pool, or are sunbathing on the back deck. Some of folks might even have a trampoline or treehouse to keep the kids entertained from home.

However you’re getting through these dog-days-of summer from home, Sava is here to keep you and your family safe and insured all summer long! Let’s discuss some of the higher-risk liabilities you may have in your own backyard and what you can do to reduce accidents this summer.

Taking more dips in the pool?

Beach closures and canceled summer vacation trips could mean that you’re taking more dips in your pool than you have in years past. To keep yourself, your family, and your guests safe poolside, check out our Pool Safety blog post!

Are the kids jumping for joy on the trampoline?

Local parks and theme parks alike may be closed or have limited availability this summer. If your kids are getting their pent up energy out by jumping around on the trampoline, check out our Trampoline Safety blog post!

Is creativity & imagination at play in the treehouse?

Outdoor play is great for kids, and a treehouse is just about the most magical place for a kid to play in. Forget the theme parks, your backyard can be the most magical place in the world! If you’re building one or the kids have made use of one they already have more than ever, go ahead and check out our Treehouse Safety blog post!

Do you have questions about these summertime liabilities or others we didn’t mention? No worries! We’re always available to answer your questions and find insurance solutions for your unique situation. Give us a call today!


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