Surrounded by trees? Here are some safety precautions to take at home!

Surrounded by trees? Here are some safety precautions to take at home!

Is your home in the middle of what seems like a forest? This could mean you are exposed to unique risks. Whether you perform regular yard work, home improvement projects, or other property maintenance tasks, you should pay attention to the trees. If you do not take the proper safety precautions at home, this could result in an accident or injury.

Although it may look like certain trees in your yard are stable, you never know when a thunderstorm could strike them down. In order to prevent such danger, here are some tips you can follow to keep your residence and family safe from harm:

  • If the weather report warns of a severe storm, make sure to trim your trees before it starts.
  • If you feel you cannot handle the job, contact a professional for assistance.
  • Try thinning your trees so the wind won’t be as likely to knock them over during a storm.
  • Remove weak branches and reduce limb lengths on trees so no debris flies around.
  • Use the correct tools for the job and remember to always be safe around sharp objects.
  • Inspect all sides of a tree to be sure it is sturdy enough to withstand disasters.
  • If one of your trees is leaning over, call an arborist to remove it.
  • Danger signs in trees include cracked or heaving soil and exposed roots around the base.

At SAVA Insurance Group, we hope you keep an eye out for these warning signs in your trees. Staying on top of the maintenance of your yard can help you avoid many risks in the future. In addition, it may help you reduce claims on your home insurance. Having such a policy can protect you from unpredictable mishaps, such as a tree falling from a storm, theft, fire, and flooding. We can compare your options so you may choose the policy that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

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