Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Chances are you’ve probably heard “Cannonball!!” about 25 times already this summer at the pool followed by a huge splash and some laughs.  Or maybe you have been stuck in the office just waiting for your vacation later this month.  Either way now is always a great time for a reminder on how to swim safely.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t overestimate your own ability. If you are not a great swimmer, make sure you take precautions to stay safe.  Take swimming lessons through your local Red Cross chapter.
  • Always swim near a lifeguard at the pool or beach in the areas they designate. Swimming outside the limits can be dangerous for a couple of reasons – 1) you may be too far for lifeguards to reach and 2) when lifeguards need to leave their post to rescue people outside of the designated swimming area they leave the swimmers who are following the rules without a lifeguard.
  • Swim with a buddy. Never swim alone. Always let someone know where you are going to swim.
  • Make sure kids are supervised at all times. While lifeguards are there to save people who may be in trouble, you are in charge of the children you take to the pool or beach.  You should always have a watchful eye on children when they are near the water.
  • The adage about waiting an hour to swim after eating does have some merit. While an hour might be a bit long, you should never swim after eating a heavy meal to avoid cramping.  Give yourself some time to digest before jumping back into the water.
  • Drinking alcohol can impair your ability to swim. Be mindful of drinking at the pool or beach.  Stay hydrated with water or non-alcoholic drinks and save the alcohol for later.

Do you have any additional swimming safety tips to share?  Please add them to the comments section below!

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Be safe & happy swimming!

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