Teen Winter Driving Tips

Teen Winter Driving Tips

Every parent knows how scary it is the first time their child takes the car out for the first time on their own after getting their driver’s license. That’s terrifying no matter what time of year it is, but your teen’s first winter behind the wheel is the most nervewracking season of them all!

Breathe easy… We’ve been there too, but your teen will learn a lot and they will be a better driver for it. You can help them out though by making sure they’re aware of these key winter driving tips.

#1 In poor driving conditions, stay home whenever possible

Most teens are grabbing for the keys the moment they get their license and will take just about any opportunity they can to get out on the road. During poor weather, however, it’s always advisable that they (as well as experienced drivers) stay home whenever possible. If they have to go out, offer to give them a ride, ride with them yourself, or have another trusted and experienced driver take them out.

It’s never advisable that a new driver is alone in the car their first time driving in poor conditions.

#2 Always keep a few essentials on hand

  • Ice Scraper & Snow Brush
    • Anyone living in colder climates knows that an ice scraper is a must. In fact, it’s not only dangerous but illegal to drive without proper windshield visibility or with snow and ice still on top of your vehicle. Consider purchasing an extendable scraper for your teen. Oftentimes these have the ability to scrape ice, brush snow, and even push snow off with a squeegee attachment.
  • Winter Emergency Kit
    • On top of the typical items you’d want in an emergency kit, you should also have items in case you need them during poor winter conditions. Items such as a car cell-phone charger, blanket, extra coat, hat, gloves, flashlight, emergency flares, water, and non-perishable foods.

#3 Keep the car prepped

  • The car should always have at least a half tank of gas in order to prevent being stranded in bad weather. This author’s father always said he’d give her $10 in gas money each week so long as she could prove she had come to him with at least more than a quarter tank of gas left!
  • Make sure the windshield wiper fluid is full and consider buying de-icing fluid to help with visibility.
  • Keep tires at proper inflation levels. Inflation levels change throughout the year, so always keep an eye on their levels.

#4 Always use good winter weather driving techniques

  • Avoid driving in poor conditions when possible
  • Let someone know when you’re leaving and let them know when you’ve arrived at your destination.
  • Drive and turn slowly and brake by steadily applying pressure on the brake pedal.
  • Never use cruise control in poor conditions.
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