Temperatures Hit Dangerous Lows in Northeast

Temperatures Hit Dangerous Lows in Northeast

If you live in the Northeast and you’ve been outside in the past couple of days you already know how frigid it is outside, the worst is yet to come though! Over the next few days temperatures will drop even more, and the wind chill will be nearly unbearable and can inflict damage on your home. Here are some cold-weather tips to help you get through this!

Make sure to keep sidewalks free from snow and ice; it’s always good to have a sturdy, efficient snow shovel or snow blower and salt or sand to prevent slips/falls.

Ice dams can pose a huge problem near gutter downspouts so make sure they are free of leaves and any other debris so that melting snow and ice can flow and not build up. If the water does build up it can seep into your house and cause an even bigger problem!

I’ve heard many different opinions on what temperature you should keep your thermostat on to avoid pipes freezing; keeping the house heated to a minimum of 65 degrees will keep that from happening. Another little tidbit to keep pipes from freezing is to let the faucets in your house drip very slowly…keeping the water moving at a steady pace will prevent ice build up. In the event that you have to deal with a situation where your pipes are frozen or have already burst, call your agent as soon as you can! Standard homeowners policies will cover most types of damage that are a result of a freeze. However, most policies don’t cover sewage backups or flood damage from drains. If you have any questions about your coverage and what your homeowners policy actually covers, please don’t hesitate to give one of our agents a call.

Be careful out on the roads as well, there has been a lot of black ice on the roads so be very cautious…especially at night!




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