The importance of wearing slip-resistant shoes in restaurants

The importance of wearing slip-resistant shoes in restaurants

The leading causes of accidents in restaurants are slips and falls. Both employees and customers are at risk of slipping and/or falling in a restaurant considering the chances of encountering a slippery floor are much greater in places that serve food. Drinks can spill. Pieces of food can fall off plates. Even just the tiniest drop of salad oil can lead to a disastrous injury if someone accidentally steps on it and falls down.

If you own a restaurant, preventing slip and fall injuries is important.

While you have insurance in place to protect your business’s finances after the fact, you should always have your employees and customers’ well-being as your first priority. Instructing your employees to wear slip resistant shoes while at work can really reduce the chance of a slip and fall injury. Shoes with high heels or that do not have rubber soles can be dangerous. Insist that comfortable, rubber soled shoes be worn so that everyone will be safe.

Of course, you cannot really ask your customers to wear slip-resistant shoes, but you can keep the floors as clean as possible to help keep them safe. Mop up any spills immediately and mark them with visible signs that indicate a wet floor until the area is dry. If a customer is injured due to a slippery floor, make sure they are OK and immediately get them medical attention if necessary. Call your insurance carrier to file a claim as soon as the customer is in good hands and is taken care of.

If you have questions or concerns about slip and fall injuries and how to prevent them from happening in your restaurant or other business, please call us. We can offer suggestions and some tried and true methods of preventing injuries at the workplace.

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