Tips for Aging Drivers to Avoid Collisions, Injuries, and Accidents

Tips for Aging Drivers to Avoid Collisions, Injuries, and Accidents

As an elderly driver, you may be at a higher risk on the road than others. No matter how old you are, it is important to remain cautious of your surroundings as you travel through town. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Just because you have had your license for years, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the tests you took or about your health. To avoid accidents, injuries, and collisions, put your safety first.

The younger generations are distracted by their cell phones, the radio, and friends in the car. As an older, more mature person, you may be exposed to different distractions, such as loss of hearing or difficulty seeing out the windows. If you are shaky behind the wheel, you should find other means of transportation for your own safety. However, if you are still able to drive, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Make sure you understand the most up to date traffic laws. As you get older, they may begin to change in the state over time.
  • Staying physically active improves your strength and flexibility when operating a motor vehicle.
  • Know your limitations and make any necessary adjustments. Having a passenger with you to split a longer road trip can be helpful as well.
  • Stay safe by driving during the daytime and in good weather. Quiet roads and familiar areas can also help you stay comfortable.
  • Plan your route ahead of time so you don’t get stressed or lost.
  • Consider taking a driving course specifically for older people. Practicing your skills could give you a discount on your car insurance, depending on your policy.
  • Keep track of the road signs and signals so you don’t hit pedestrians or bikers. Being aware of your surroundings is very important.

At SAVA Insurance Group, we hope these driving tips can help you stay safe as you age. Your family members probably worry about you each time you drive down the road. Give them a reason to have confidence in you. In addition, for extra security, you should look into our car insurance. We know you rely on your vehicle for many things, so protecting it only makes sense. Let us create a policy that is designed to meet your specific needs and budget.


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