Tips for Working a Hybrid Schedule

Tips for Working a Hybrid Schedule

Hybrid work environments have become very popular within the last year due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are new to a hybrid schedule, having a combination of in-office and out-of-office work can help you retain some flexibility, but it can also be difficult and stressful to navigate. It is important to establish a routine that works best for you. Here are some tips geared toward helping you get into an efficient routine when working a hybrid schedule:

  1. Establish consistent working hours.
  2. Bring your favorite items from home into the office.
  3. Keep an open line of communication with your manager.
  4. Try to interact with your team as much as possible.
  5. Set daily priorities and goals that are achievable.
  6. Prepare to be adaptable.

When you Make the Switch to Coming Back to the Work Place:

  1. Plan your commute.
  2. Arrange with items you will keep at your workstation.
  3. Expect new technology in the office
  4. Keep an open line of communication.
  5. Know What your main reason why you are returning is. focus on the positives.
  6. Anticipate distractions.


It is important to remember any changes to your workplace’s health and safety procedures. If you have a hybrid schedule or are returning to work, there will be changes made to workplace operations and you must be away and prepared. This process may be new for most people and could take some time to get used to it. So don’t get overwhelmed, ease your way back to the office and focus on the exciting things that will come when the pandemic ends.

Your friends at SAVA are here to assist you with all your needs and prepare you for a secure future.

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