Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

You have a great homeowners policy and solid auto insurance protection. But what happens if something happens that causes a loss not fully covered by these policies? This is where umbrella insurance can help.

For example, lets say your daughter was driving to school and her tires slip on the icy road, creating a collision damaging several cars. She injures multiple people and damages multiple cars. What will cover all the damages?

Umbrella Insurance to Cover Your Family

If you do not have enough primary coverage, any shortage may have to come out of your personal assets…unless you have umbrella insurance. This policy is the exact type of coverage you need, it provides an umbrella of added liability protection for you to stand under.

A Connecticut umbrella insurance policy can protect you from liability issues that extent beyond the limits of standard auto, home, RV, boat, or personal liability insurance policies. If a claim exceed the liability coverage limits from another policy then you are still protected under the umbrella policy.

Umbrella Insurance for Additional Coverage

Umbrella insurance policies additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage are regular policies offer, and also extend to things not regularly covered. This added coverage may extend to handling related expenses, also on an excess basis, such as the cost of providing a court defense. Basically, umbrella insurance kicks in when your other regular insurance policies can not provide full coverage in your situation.

Is Connecticut umbrella insurance policy right for you? Consider all your assets and think about the work you have will lose if you are not fully protected.

Variety of Umbrella Insurance Options

There are plenty of different umbrella policies that cover plenty of different things. Be sure to do a careful evaluation of the policy wording to see the extent of the additional protection.

Talk to professionals at SAVA Insurance to find out what you need for umbrella insurance.

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