This Weekend’s Weather and How it Can Pose a Threat…

This Weekend’s Weather and How it Can Pose a Threat…

For the past month the snow has been piling up- a few feet here, a few inches there. Saturday night we could see 2-4 more inches of snow- and on Sunday, temperatures will rise to a whopping 43 degrees (it’s going to feel like Spring after all of these frigid temps!)

The result of the higher temperatures and the potential for a lot of rain will cause snow to melt…which then means the potential for flooding. We here at SAVA want to make sure you are properly prepared!

1. Keep snow away from your home– When you are clearing your driveway after snowfall, make sure to shovel the snow away from your home as well. This ensures that when the snow melts it won’t seep inside your home! Big piles of snow can turn into mini flowing rivers just waiting to get into your home.

2. Keep your gutters clean– Keeping your gutters clean is something you should be doing through the year anyway…but before winter comes around you should check your gutters for leaves and debris. Make sure that your gutters are safely guiding water away from your home. Use downspouts and direct them away from your home to make sure that water doesn’t pool near the foundations of your home. Keeping your gutters clean ensures that snow doesn’t accumulate so when the weather warms up you don’t witness a massive snow melt and flood.

3. Storm drains– Make sure if you have a storm drain in the street near your home that it is free from snow, ice, and other debris so that, again, a mini river doesn’t start to flow into your home.

PLEASE NOTE: Flood insurance is EXCLUDED from ALL homeowner’s policies. You must get separate insurance to cover any type of flooding.

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