Why Everyone Should Consider Flood Insurance

Why Everyone Should Consider Flood Insurance

Here in the Eastern portion of the United States, we have experienced several large storms over the past few years that seemed to bring everyone to their knees with all of the damage they caused.  In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina tore apart New Orleans and surrounding areas to the tune of over $125 billion in damages and over 1.7 million insurance claims filed.  Closer to home, Superstorm Sandy caused significant damage to our area causing everyone to reconsider the insurance they had at the time.

Unfortunately, large storms are becoming a more common occurrence and are expected to just get worse in years to come according to PBS.org.  Being prepared for them sometimes means more than just battening down the hatches and hoping for the best.  Preparing for the worst by having the right insurance policy in place can help when storms ravage your home and business.

One of the coverages you might want to consider is flood insurance.  Many people are not aware that typical homeowners or business insurance policies do not cover flood damage at all.  A separate flood insurance policy is needed to file a claim for flood damage of any kind.  By definition, flooding is considered to be any water that comes from the ground up.  That includes not only storm waters, but melting snow, flash floods due to broken dams, and any type of water seepage that could cause damage to your home or business! Also, the coverages for a flood policy don’t take place for 30 days, so time is of the essence.

Thankfully, getting a quote for a flood insurance policy is actually very easy.  Just contact your SAVA insurance agent to find out what type of premium you could pay for a flood insurance policy in your area.  Be sure to ask about structural coverage as well as contents coverage.  Those would be considered two separate policies.

Make sure you have the right protection in place for those times when you need it most. Give your SAVA Insurance agent a call today so you have the peace of mind that whether it’s a hurricane or melting snow, your home and business are covered against flood damages!

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