Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Windows and Doors

Worn and torn weather stripping around doors and windows creates drafts that are unwanted in the cold winter. The idea is to keep the hot air in and the cold air out. It is imperative to check your windows and doors. There are a couple of different ways to keep that cold draft out. An easy way to fight a drafty window is to use cellular shades. Doors are a little harder though. Door jams may be an option but the integrity of the material can be compromised. If you cant adjust the screws and are not ready to replace the doors year there are products you can buy to place at the foot of the door to replace the gap. Door draft stoppers are inexpensive and extremely effective without having to put in all that work.


Although fireplaces are a source of heat, it is also another way to let cool air in if not sealed and cleaned properly. Keep the flue closed when you are not using it. But even when the flue is closed some warm air is getting away, which we don’t want.  an easy solution is to block airflow with an inflatable chimney balloon. This is designed to keep the warm air from escaping your house. Always remember to remove it before starting your next fire!


Not only are you decorating your house with a lot of lights but you are also having house lights on longer since the days get dark earlier. This means you are using close to twice the amount of electricity as the rest of the year. Make sure that all lights are off that are not necessary or being used to reduce the amount of electricity. Using LED lights instead of incandescent will also use less energy. If you are able to, another solution would be to set your lights to a timer so they are not on all day and you do not have to worry about them getting left on all day.


Having a properly insulated home is extremely important to any homeowner. But it can be easily forgotten. Thousands of dollars are lost every year due to heat escaping in homes that are not properly insulated. It is recommended to have a professional check your insulation. Most of the time it is free to get an estimate, so it is not a bad idea to have a couple of companies take a look.

Energy bills tend to go up rapidly in the winter so follow these tips to help your wallet and your home.

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