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Workers’ Compensation Insurance
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Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Each year, more than 4.1 million U.S. employees suffer a workplace injury or occupational illness.


Fortunately, there is Connecticut workers’ compensation insurance to fall back on when an injury happens at your place of business. Many business owners think of workers’ compensation insurance as something that protects employees. While good policies certainly do offer protection for workers, the knowledgeable agents at SAVA Insurance Group know that workers’ comp also protects employers by covering their liability when an employee gets hurt on the job.


At SAVA, we are guided by heart and care about you and your employees — let us help you find the right workers’ compensation insurance for your Connecticut business.


Connecticut state government requires that businesses purchase workers’ compensation insurance to operate legally. SAVA Insurance Group wants you to be covered and our workers’ compensation insurance helps ensure that employers and their employees have the coverage they need when unexpected accidents happen at work.


We can help you explore your Connecticut workers’ compensation and Pay as You Go policy options. Contact us for more information on both insurance products. Besides protecting your business, we want to also educate you along the way!

What Benefits Do Workers’ Comp Policies Offer?

In most cases, policies offer a variety of benefits, including: money to pay for medical care and rehabilitation when an employee gets hurt at work, money that covers lost wages (or a percentage of wages) during the recovery period, liability protection for employers, funeral expenses, and financial support for the dependents of employees who lose their lives on the job.


Pay as You Go Workers’ Compensation

Our Pay as You Go workers’ compensation can make policies more affordable for businesses. By choosing monthly or weekly payment options, employers can lower their payment amounts. Pay as You Go workers’ compensation offers other advantages, too. When you use this option for your business, you can use exact payroll numbers instead of estimates, avoid excessive payments that cover more employees than you have on your payroll, and stay within the law without accidentally purchasing too much or too little insurance for your workers.

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