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You value the work your employees do — show them you value their lives as well.


Life insurance is something that every Connecticut resident should have, but not enough do; a survey from the Insurance Information Institute showed that only 57% of people in the United States were covered by life insurance in 2014. One major reason that your employees may not have life insurance is cost, but having access to an employer-sponsored group life plan has the potential to make it much more affordable for them.


Not sure where to get started? The knowledgeable and caring agents at SAVA Insurance Group are ready to help. We will listen intently as you tell us about your business, your employees, and of course, your budget. Guided by heart, we will always make recommendations that are in your best interest.


Offering a Connecticut group life insurance policy to your employees is one of the best ways to show them that they are not just important to you, but essential to their success of your business. When employees feel like you care about them, they will care more about the work that they do for you. Contact SAVA Insurance Group today to learn more about group life insurance, as well as other types of group benefits like group health and group disability.

Give the Gift of Guaranteed Coverage

Some of your employees may not have individual life insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions that simply make it too expensive for them. Basic group life, however, usually gives all of your employees’ access to life insurance regardless of age, health, or any other factors. Typically, employers will offer coverage amounts that equal one year of an employee’s salary and if the employee wants extra coverage, that is the point where they will have to provide more information about their medical history.


Benefits of Group Life Insurance

Life insurance provides peace of mind for your employees and their families. In the event that a tragic event occurs, life insurance can be used to replace lost potential income, provide a safety net for the beneficiaries, pay end-of-life costs, and ensure dependents receive an inheritance. Remember, some of your employees may be the only adults working in their homes — if they were to unexpectedly pass away, their families could be left with nothing.

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