SAVA Insurance Group is a full service, family-owned, local insurance agency based in Waterford, Connecticut that offers a wide range of personal and business insurance products. For nearly 20 years, SAVA’s dynamic team has been “Guided by Heart,” offering caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable service to everyone they have the pleasure to meet and volunteering for and contributing to many different nonprofit organizations.

 SAVA Cares means…


Embraces a culture of kind, caring, helpful and supportive tea members.


We are flexible, versatile, cooperative and accommodating to our clients needs.


Delivers exceptional service to our clients by a team of educated trusted advisors.


We are friendly courteous, accommodating, and responsive to our clients needs.


Understands the importance of volunteering and giving back to our community.


Thankful, grateful, and honored to be our clients agent of choice.


Courteous and respectful to our team members, our clients and our community.


Protective of our reputation by conducting business with honesty and integrity.


Embraces and invests in innovative technology to assist in the ease of doing business.

Did you know?


of claims denied by Insurance Companies are a result of Unreported Property or Vehicles


of denied claims result from unreported changes in your life style


of claim problems can be eliminated with a quick review.


savings can be achieved when we review and combine your policies!


As you would with any of your professional advisors, please call to schedule an appointment prior to stopping into the agency.  This will allow time to review your account prior to your appointment and allows your account manager to block out ample time from their schedule to address all of your questions.  If you stop in without an appointment your Personal Account Manager could be assisting another client and be unable to help you at that time.

In order to make a change to your legal document or policy, companies now require your request in writing.  Not only does it ensure accuracy, but it saves you time and allows you to make your request on your schedule, not ours. There are three convenient options:

  • Call 860-437-7282 option 1
  • Email your request
  • Fax your request for a change or binder

Most of us have credit cards.  If you have one, and you have a question, you automatically contact the credit card company, not the bank issuing the card.  Our primary job is to help protect your assets. Since the insurance company is responsible for billing, they will always direct you to the company for these questions.

Our agency will accept the required down payment on your account. However, we will not accept your monthly payments. Please mail your payment directly to your company or call the company to see the quickest method of payment accepted over the phone. We can also set you up on a electronic funds withdrawal directly from your checking account, or give you the company website to pay online. Our agency will not take responsibility if a payment is lost in the mail or any bank late fees.

Please note, if your insurance company doesn’t receive your payment by the due date on your bill, they will charge your account a late fee.  Make every attempt to mail your payment in advance of the due date to avoid any late fees or a lapse in coverage. Many carriers will not reinstate your policy if your payment is late. When we try to replace your coverage you could be paying an increase in premium.


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