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Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

The agents at SAVA Insurance Group will protect what you value most – your home, sweet home!

Insuring your Connecticut home might seem like a fairly simple process, especially when compared to other types of insurance that people commonly purchase. However, many people are surprised by the amount of policy options they see when buying a Connecticut home insurance policy. At SAVA Insurance Group, our agents are guided by heart — and we are ready to listen to your needs and patiently help you compare these options to choose the policy that works best for you and your family.

In Connecticut, homeowners insurance will usually cover the basic things that people worry about, including fire, theft, and storm damage. It’s important to look at the specifics of each policy, though. Talk to our experienced team to discuss your coverage options.

The professionals at SAVA Insurance Group know that Connecticut homeowners want unique insurance options. That is why we strive to help you find policies that cover all of your needs. To learn more, give us a call at 860-437-7282, today!

Coverage for Floods & Other Natural Disasters

It is important to know that a standard Connecticut home insurance policy will not cover flooding and some other natural disasters. Instead, you have to purchase additional policies. This is most common in areas that regularly experience floods, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Renters’ Insurance

If you live in an apartment or other type of rental property, you don’t need insurance to protect the building you live in — but you do need to protect your belongings. Renters’ insurance allows you to cover everything you own in the event an unexpected disaster occurs.’

Condo Insurance

Your condo association has insurance for the physical structure of your building, but what happens inside the walls of your condo is your responsibility. Condo insurance protects your belongings, the interior of your unit, and provides liability protection if someone is injured in your home.

Home Insurance for Owners with Mortgages

It’s always a good idea for homeowners to protect their property with reliable policies. If you are still paying a mortgage on your home the lender might require you to purchase a certain level of homeowners’ insurance.



Personal Insurance

We offer top-of-the-line personal insurance for any lifestyle, which includes coverage for auto, home, life, and health. Request a quote now.

Business Insurance

Having the right Connecticut business insurance policies in place is absolutely essential. Let us create a business insurance package uniquely suited to your company and industry.

SAVA Gives Back

We pride ourselves on giving back to our local community where we live and work. Learn more about our commitment to philanthropy.