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Connecticut Craft Brewery Insurance

SAVA Insurance Group will help you raise a glass to great craft brewery coverage!

In Connecticut, the craft beer business has been booming in recent years, and SAVA Insurance Group specializes in helping Connecticut brewery owners like you insure your investment. Our agency is guided by heart, so we understand your passion to create an outstanding, high quality brew.

Most microbreweries, craft distilleries, and regional craft breweries need a basic business owners’ policy (BOP), but there are other insurance add-ons available to cover some of the more unique aspects of your brewing business. When you speak with one of our caring, compassionate agents, we will listen intently to how your business is run and what you’re hoping to protect. With your budget in mind, we will create a customized insurance policy that suits the needs of your business and protects all of your hard work.

Contact SAVA Insurance Group today to learn more about the types of insurance available to Connecticut craft brewery owners and to receive a free quote.

Tasting Room Coverage

Does your Connecticut craft brewery include a tasting room for patrons? If customers are coming onto your property to sample your creations, make sure you’re fully protected first.

Coverage for Broken Equipment

You’ve likely invested a lot of money in brewery equipment, so don’t let one mechanical failure completely derail your efforts. Equipment breakdown coverage will help cover you financially until you’re able to get up and running again.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

It may have been just you in the beginning, but as your brewery has grown, you’ve probably had to hire some extra helping hands. Make sure your employees are protected in the event they are injured on the job by providing Connecticut workers’ compensation insurance.

Liquor Liability Insurance

As a business that sells and possibly serves alcohol, you need liquor liability insurance to protect you in the event a patron becomes overly intoxicated and injuries occur or property is damaged.

Personal Insurance

We offer top-of-the-line personal insurance for any lifestyle, which includes coverage for auto, home, life, and health. Request a quote now.

Business Insurance

Having the right Connecticut business insurance policies in place is absolutely essential. Let us create a business insurance package uniquely suited to your company and industry.

SAVA Gives Back

We pride ourselves on giving back to our local community where we live and work. Learn more about our commitment to philanthropy.